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Michael began his journey as a naturally gifted psychic and medium at the age of 5. He conducted his first reading in 1984, at the age of 16.

In the early 1990ís, Michael began his apprenticeship with his mentor, Richard Black. These formative years expanded his knowledge and understanding of the dynamics of metaphysics, the interconnections between spirit and the self as well as the power and restrictions of manifestation. With his renewed awakening and time of study with Richard, in 2007, Michael made an abrupt change in his life, leaving his career to follow his true vocation, that of being a psychic reader, life coach and metaphysical instructor.

Michael began his psychic readings full time, while also teaching seminars, workshops and mentoring programs, working with people in topics of True Manifestation, Changing Life Paths and Psychic Awareness. After having completed more than twenty thousand psychic readings, in 2015, Michael published The Einstein Principle©, which enabled people to make use of his philosophies, experience and understandings to focus their desires, harness their personal power and change their lives.

Today, Michael has completed more than thirty thousand psychic readings for people in 24 countries around the globe. His unique viewpoints, understandings and experience as a professional Psychic, Metaphysical Instructor, Life Coach and Mentor have helped thousands of people to change their lives, their relationships, their careers and themselves.

Now, Michael has created Terra Turas, a partnership and collaboration designed to bring other metaphysical professionals together in order to help the ever growing populace change their lives. Each partner brings their own style, philosophies, understanding and knowledge to the table. Each of them offer different services, which allows Terra Turas to be a massively dynamic point for change in life..



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